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Best Free Business Listing Sites List In India

Role of Business Listings in Local SEO –

A decade ago, every business uses Yellow Pages, Print Marketing, Radio/TV Advertising to reach customers and to create buzz about his services. But now traditional marketing shifting to the online, and if your business is not online then it is “nowhere”.

Today when approx 75% of people are online, and approx 60% people are using Smartphonesthen the role of yellow pages and print advertising is slightly gone down. This is the reason why local business listing sites is a favorite among marketers.

Top Free Local Business Listing Sites in India –

Although Google my business, facebook, and Bing places are most used business listing sites, there are many other sites as well. In this post I am sharing some free online business listing site which will help you promote your business, so let’s find out–

The thing to Remember –

  • Before listing your business, ask one question to yourself will it makes sense to be listed on a particular site, is it relevant to your business?
  • Local listings sites are extremely powerful so do not overdo it. Do it strategically so that you can take the maximum benefits from it.

The Core Components of Local Business Listing –

When you start listing your business in local sites, each time you have to fill a form, which has following fields –


  1. Business Name/Title
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Website URL
  5. Categories
  6. Description
  7. Tagline
  8. Social profiles
  9. Images
  10. Fax number
  11. Certifications
  12. Payment forms accepted

PRP Tip –

If you are doing Local submission, then I advise you to create a spreadsheet. List all the above information and can save your time.

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