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Top SEO News 2018: Latest Google SEO Updates

When it comes to result driven SEO campaign, incorporating the latest SEO strategies is one pro technique that will always help you beat your competitions. That is why, most of the times industry leaders suggest to following SEO News to stay updated about the latest SEO practices.

This can optimize your search ranking in much quicker and long-lasting fashion than it used to be.

Actually, SEO is one of those fields that constantly changes for the better.

New algorithm updates from Google change the way SEO ranking systems work for businesses. Ranking in Google depends on 200+ ranking factors and that is why it is very important for you to be aware of Google SEO news to top the ranking in SERPs.

But, staying updated about all the latest SEO news and related updates is quite a daunting task.

For easing down your task, we have compiled the list of Current SEO news to help you discover the 16 most important SEO updates that you need to know in 2018-

SEO News 1- Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google, the world’s largest search engine is always in search of delivering a quality result to its users.

The latest algorithm change that has been brought about on 1st August 2018 is no different. If you are a business owner or SEO expert, you must have noticed the recent shift in website rankings, these are the result of a revision of Google’s algorithm change again.

The latest Google update is called the Broad Core Algorithm update.

A Google Liaison, David Sullivan reiterating Google’s focus on quality, announced the update. One of the latest changes brought about is: There is a 2% increase in the value of using the keyword in H1 tag whereas the same has reduced by 9% in the use of title tag.

SEO News 2- 16 Months Data on Google Search Console Analytics API

There is excitement in the digital industry with a particular change in the recent update. This excitement is the result of the announcement that search beta console which earlier supported just 3 months in the January 2018 update, now has been upgraded to support 16 months of data.

Earlier, the 3 months of data only furnished the latest trends against the user queries. Now with the recent change, the digital marketers will be able to plan their marketing activities according to seasonal behavior, keyword triggers, buying patterns and search results.

Furnishing the results according to the customer intent is same but the changes brought about by Google have enabled businesses to get ‘highly relevant traffic’ rather than just ‘traffic’.

SEO News 3- Bing’s Mobile Search Results Now Supports AMP Pages

SEO News

Bing came up with its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that is ready to work from its mobile search results directly. With the release of Bing AMP Viewer and Bing AMP Cache, this feature has been offered to SEOers.

You will see a carousel of AMP pages in your mobile search while searching for different topics. You will see these results with lightning bolt icon in a same very manner as you see in Google Search Results. While talking about its AMP pages, Bing suggests to SEOers who are going to create AMP Content-

 In order to enable your AMP published content within Bing, you need to allow the Bingbot (or crawler) to fetch AMP content and allow cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for domain.

SEO News 4– Google Publishes Research on New Paraphrasing Algorithm

On May 2018, a report came out on Google’s paraphrasing algorithm. The results of this research are going to shape how the search engine will optimize the search in the future.

The new design of the Google algorithm is going to involve both abstractive and extractive summaries to generate the paraphrased content-

Extractive summaries features

  • From the multiple blogs and articles, relevant content will be extracted based on the user intent.
  • Snippets will be created from an important part of blogs and articles.

Abstractive summaries features

  • The extracted content from different articles will be paraphrased to make it easier for users to understand.

SEO News 5- Google Introduces New Search Engine for Finding Datasets

A new search engine has been launched by Google catering to every person who wants to find data easily for their work, for research or to just increase their intellectual capability.

The Search engine is called Dataset Search.

It provides users access to the data of digital libraries, publishers’ sites and personal web pages of an author in an easy way. This search engine particularly brings benefits for data scientists and journalists.

The search engine depends on the schema markup of dataset providers. It is still in beta phase but everyone can take advantage of this new launch.

SEO News 6- Mobile First Indexing

Now would be the time to make your website mobile friendly!

The SEO 2021 Google update has changed the algorithm to show favor to mobile-friendly websites. This will definitely impact both the desktop and mobile website rankings.

It is not too late to have a mobile-friendly website because the recent change will only be applicable to some websites, which Google thinks can handle the impact of the change. If AMP pages are there in a mobile website, the search engine will first choose the non-AMP pages.

Be happy that Google has just brought the ‘mobile first indexing’ and ‘not mobile only indexing’.

SEO News 7- Google’s “Crowd Control” Feature

A new cool feature has been added to the Google maps called the Crowd Control; this feature is going to come in pretty handy when you are planning to visit a particular shop.

The Crowd Control feature is going to show you the real-time situation of the place you want to go, enabling you to check out its availability beforehand.

The Crowd Control feature covers many places such as the grocery stores, local restaurants, pharmacy, coffee shop, supermarket, automobile service center etc.

SEO News 8- “Visual Sitelinks Images” in Sitelink Extensions for Mobile Search Ads

Earlier images only used to appear in Ads, now Google has made the upgrade of using images in the site links too.

This update comes after the experimentation of using images on ads and as the results were positive, the same is now incorporated in site links, which are termed as ‘Visual Sitelink’.

However, the Visual Sitelinks will only appear on mobile phones in the form of swipeable carousel manner.

SEO News 9- Google My Business allows Admins to Edit Review Replies from the Knowledge Panel

SEO News

While using Google My Business, admins can simply use Knowledge Panel to edit their replies to reviews.

This is one of the important SEO updates that is going to save the time of SEOers. You can now find an edit button just beneath the reply to a review while going through listing in the search results.

Earlier, business owners were required to delve into the Google My Business Dashboard and choose their replay again for editing it.

SEO News 10- Sitemap File Size Limit Increased from 10 MB to 50MB

There is good news for website owners who have long URLs.

Earlier, the sitemap file size was limited to only 10 MB, but now search engines like Google and Bing have recognized this issue and have increased the file size limit to 50 MB.

This is almost a 400% increase over the previous sitemap file size. Now the uncompressed form of the sitemaps will upload easily.

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SEO News 11- Bing Ads Bot for Better Campaign Management

Bing Ads advertisers now will be able to create and have better performing Bing Ads.

Bing has brought forward the idea of enabling every Bing Ad advertiser the access to virtual account manager.

This latest development has taken place because Bing has collaborated with Microsoft to design a bot that will help advertisers with their ad campaigns. When Bing Ad advertisers have access to the virtual account manager, he/she will be able to manage their ad campaigns in a more efficient way.

SEO News 12- Assign Audience Lists at Campaign Level in Google AdWords with “Audience Targeting”

Now, advertisers can expect to get a better quality of traffic to their websites, all made possible by better audience targeting feature in the Google AdWords.

Earlier, audience targeting was only possible with ad groups but now Google has made it possible to have better audience targeting by introducing Audience list option right at the campaign level. Advertisers will be able to list their own desired audience group through this update. Further, bulk bid adjustments are also now possible through this new feature.

SEO News 13- Consumers’ Local Search Behavior

The Crowd Control feature was introduced by Google since consumers preferred to know everything before planning a visit to the local business. However, Google noticed that businesses were facing problems in deciphering consumer’s local behavior.

This prompted Google to introduce changes that will enable advertisers to design ad campaigns that are in tune with the search intent of the consumer based on location.

For example, a person searching for an SEO company in Bangalore may not have the same requirements than the person searching for an SEO company in Mumbai.

SEO News 14- Google Introduces Shoppable Image Ads

SEO News

With the help of this update, the advertiser can now display shoppable images on the publisher’s sites. These ads are showcased upon curated content from the publishing partners of Google. This will enable advertisers to put their products and services directly in front of your prospects,

While talking about this SEO News, Google says that every 3rd-holiday shoppers prefer searching for the image before making their purchases. Google further ads-

“One-third of holiday shoppers said they searched for images before they went in store to shop. The growth of “street style” and online influencers all show the movement towards looking at lifestyle images for visual inspiration.”

SEO News 15- Google Discourages Linking to Every Page from a Site’s Home Page

Earlier Google had said to link important pages to a website’s Home Page to help users zero in their searches but this may have led some web owners to link all the pages to the Home page.

John Mueller in a recent interaction with webmasters was heard saying to avoid linking every page to home page. This, as disclosed by him deters Google bots from comprehending the architecture of the website.

This practice is common for larger websites, but smaller site owners should avoid this. Since the Google bots, in this case, is not able to distinguish between higher-level pages and lower level pages.

SEO News 16- YouTube Launches Vertical Video Ads for TrueView and Universal Apps

Google has come up with vertical video ads on YouTube for running universal campaigns or True View Campaigns. While discussing this SEO news, the company claims that more than 70% of the time of watching YouTube occurs on mobile devices and that is why for ensuring better experiences to mobile devices, YouTube is now offering vertical video solutions.

The Mobile Video Player of YouTube is also adaptable to vertical videos. Vertical video is going to cover around 75% of the mobile screen and it will appear comparatively bigger in size than landscape video. SEOers can now take the benefits of new screen dimensions to run compatible video campaigns.

At the time of launching this feature, Google says

“Vertical video ads provide a big, beautiful canvas to deliver your message on mobile and allow engagement with your customers in a way that fits their viewing preferences. And, they’re a great way to complement horizontal videos – we recommend adding both vertical and horizontal video assets to the same campaign for maximum Brand Lift impact.”

While using vertical videos, it is important that you avoid offering any important message in bottom 25% and top 10% because these areas are generally cropped in vertical videos.

These are some latest SEO news; you should pay heed upon while running your Search Engine Optimization Campaigns.

However, the question that can pop up here in your mind is how you can get all the latest SEO news consistently, at the most real time. For assisting you, we, time and again come with such posts on Google Algorithm and SEO updates. In addition, you can also follow some SEO News blogs to know all the latest SEO News.

So, let us go through 5 best SEO blogs that can inform you about everything new in the world of SEO-

5 SEO News Blogs to Follow

Moz BlogSEO News

This is one of the best places to find the best SEO Blogs about all the latest news, updates and trends associated with search engines. Following their regular blogs will let you dive deep into the pool of SEO News, Updates, Strategies, and Practices that are highly practical and relevant for search marketers worldwide.

You can also find the best SEO tools, guides, and insights about SEO. Different How-to Tutorials and Research-based studies are also provided to let you have the great hold on Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine JournalSEO News

If you are looking for the best SEO tips and news then this one is going to be one of the most useful resources for you. In addition, you can also find the best content about Social Media and Search Engine Marketing here.

Variety of blog posts that cover the complete landscape of Search Marketing and the latest Yoast SEO news, Google SEo News, trends, and updates of different search engine updates are comprised by SEJ blogs.

Search Engine LandSEO News

All your quest to find an SEO blog for all the current SEO news and associated updates end here at Search Engine Land. You should follow it to know everything that is important for optimizing search engine campaigns.

Different tips about on-site and off-site practices based upon the latest algorithm updates of Google are provided here to help beginner or expert level SEOers. All the aspects of Search Engine Marketing are covered by Search Engine Land blogs. You can use the site filter to get special news and updates related to any specific field. Practical tips that ensure effective SEO are provided in a comprehensive fashion.

Search Engine WatchSEO News

Again a very good place to know all the SEO news, updates, and trends, SEW is going the make your organic marketing more effective and contemporary. You can get all the information about Search Engine Marketing here, plus it will also guide you with some practical techniques that are offering great results to some of the leaders of the Search Marketing Industry.

You can find some of the trendiest blogs here about the latest SEO news and updates. You will dive deep into future trends of search marketing that will let you always stay updated. Follow these blogs to become a leader in your industry. Incorporating the strategies and tips shared on SEW will help you run conversion driven organic SEO campaigns.

Search Engine Roundtable SEO News

This one is also one of the most popular SEO News Blogs to find out everything that is new and trendy in the world of SEO. You will also get those updates that are going to revolutionize future of search marketing. It will empower you to run the most relevant SEO campaigns that draw in most relevant audiences.

Following latest SEO news shared on SER will let you be the darling of Google. You can find the most comprehensive and practical content about different SEO updates and announcement that can make your campaign more powerful and result driven.

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