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Best SEO Company in Delhi offers top services for your business growth. Our company helps you to gain quality traffic to grow your leads & sales.

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SEO COMPANY #1 Advertising bases all of our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing on the guidelines, practices and procedures of SEO industry standards. This includes focusing on high quality content as well as Google Webmaster design/content, technical and quality guidelines. We do not practice black hat tactics or unethical SEO methods, such as keyword stuffing, invisible text, hidden links, duplicate content or blog spam. We follow SEO COMPANY #1 industry guidelines and techniques that we believe are in the best interest of our clients’ branding and online marketing presence. We are forever educating ourselves with the latest updates and trends related to SEO.

SEO COMPANY#1 is not affiliated with or have any special relationship with any search engine, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.Best SEO Company Delhi

We cannot guarantee any specific search engine rankings, listings on search engines or directories listings. We do not manipulate or control search engine results. Due to ever-changing search engine algorithms, the process of ranking can take anywhere from a few months to a year before showing any significant results. Your ranking will fluctuate, as the ranking algorithms are constantly being tweaked to deliver the best product to consumers.

Through our SEO COMPANY#1 services works towards increasing targeted traffic to the customer’s website over a period of time using Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies and other strategies as agreed to by the client. Some of these services could include, but are not limited to: keyword research, meta tag optimization, link optimization, image optimization, social media marketing, XML sitemap creation, inbound links, submitting website to general and vertical directories, utilization of Google products: Search Console and Google Analytics and more.

SEO COMPANY#1 is a constantly changing industry and it is impossible for any business or organization to guarantee high rankings for a website or web-page. Be wary of SEO services companies or organizations that promise or guarantee specific rankings in search engines. Google explicitly warns against companies that make such promises.

Please note, a new website may get a temporary boost in the search engine results pages, this is known as the ‘new site boost’, but it will eventually settle into it’s real position. Also, your site traffic can drop after a website relaunch and it can take a few months for traffic to rise again. This time allows for search engines to re-crawl the new pages of a site and index those pages for search results. Traffic can also drop due to lack of SEO COMPANY #1 for the site, host or server issues, 404 issues or more. While we take as many measures as we can to help your site avoid a drop in traffic, we are not responsible for any traffic reduction that may occur.

Our goal at SEO COMPANY #1 is for our customers to experience positive results. We believe in a transparent and honest service agency relationship with everyone we serve. For that reason, we are publishing this public disclaimer in order to clarify the important details of the client service relationship between SEO COMPANY #1 and the businesses who hire us. This SEO COMPANY #1 disclaimer is part of our Terms of Service and applies to every client who accepts a quotation for our services.

While our long-tested and proven methods for search engine optimization have worked many times in the past, we cannot control the search engines’ decisions regarding placement. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a particular position for any keyword or phrase. We do back up our guaranteed SEO COMPANY#1 services with a money-back guarantee if our marketing strategies fail to give businesses the agreed-upon results.

Simply put, we cannot guarantee a particular placement on the search engine rankings. However, we will work with every client to set realistic search engine ranking goals and, if we do not achieve those goals, we will immediately refund the client’s investment.

Our Position Is One of Integrity

SEO COMPANY #1 is not affiliated with any particular search engine. We are not employed by or paid by search engine companies and we operate completely as an independent third party to the search engines. To this end:

  • SEO COMPANY #1 does not control or manipulate demand for any product or service.
  • SEO COMPANY #1 has highly complicated algorithmic formulas to crawl, index, score and compare web pages, and because the search engines change these formulas frequently, it is impossible for SEO COMPANY#1 or any other company to guarantee a particular position for a particular keyword.

Because we at  SEO COMPANY#1 know this, we make no representation or guarantee that a business will rank in a particular position for a particular keyword. However, we do use a proven and well-researched series of steps to polish and perfect websites for maximum potential relevancy and position in the SERPs. These steps are taken without any communication with representatives from the search engine company.

How Does SEO Know What To Do?

Since search engines carefully guard the secret of exactly how they rank websites, a customer might wonder exactly how SEO COMPANY#1 goes about determining the best way to rank companies with search engines. The answer lies in the sources of knowledge that are available to SEO COMPANY#1 companies.

Search engines do make certain information available to the public as to how they rank webpages. While they do not publish clear-cut or precise instructions on how to achieve results, they do regularly release general guidelines for crafting high-ranking website pages.

SEO COMPANY# 1 engine landscape. With this knowledge, SEO COMPANY#1 can achieve results effectively and on a consistent basis.

What Does The Guarantee Include?

Our guarantee does not provide a promise of where the client’s website will be positioned in the SERPs. However, we promise to use our years of experience and our own proprietary methods to achieve the desired results for any website. We back those results up with a money-back guarantee to show our good faith and our belief in our system and the power of our people.

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