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Water to the body is as important as blood. Drinking contaminated water amounts to 60% of diseases caused by human beings. Water stored in tanks is known to play a major role in the illness. Hence, cleaning it on a regular basis becomes of utmost crucial. But with Solutions Naaka Water Tank Cleaning, you can absolutely carefree. We offer premium water tank cleaning in Delhi to residences, commercial outlets, and industries.

With an excellent team of professionals, we have gone on to place ourselves in the category of the renowned and leading organization providing cleaning water tanks and underground water chambers.


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As mentioned, over 60% of illness is waterborne is also the leading cause of illness among children. Besides, children below the age of 5 happen to be more susceptible to getting affected by diseases due to the intake of contaminated water. And one of the most common and usual media of coming in contact with contaminated water is through water storage tanks that are unkempt without carrying out regular cleaning or are cleaned through inappropriate methods by taking the help of a local plumber or a sweeper.

On the other hand, though many houses make use of water purifiers, they are necessary to be cleaned on a regular basis. In short, clean water not only guarantees good health but also prevents illness. Moreover, other than bringing used for drinking, water is also used for carrying out other household chores such as cooking, bathing, washing, etc. If this water is unclean, it still makes one exposed to illness and disease.

We at Solutions Naaka water cleaning company with an experience of over 5 years in the field have always thrived to apply modern scientific methods to carry out the entire process.

We follow an organized methodology of getting the entire water in the tank purified without leaving the traces or room for any contamination.

Steps included in carrying out the procedure:

Step 1: Dewatering the tanks in a mechanized way The experts begin with emptying the tanks using suction units.

Step 2: Removal of Sludge Any remnants or sludge are completely removed. The tank is completely cleaned inside using high-pressure jet and anti-bacterial agents.

Step 3: Repairing any cracks In the case of any cracks, our expert cleaners ensure to repair the cracks thereby reducing the possibility of accidents.

Step 4: Vacuuming After this, the water tank is once again vacuumed ensuring there is no sludge or dirt left behind.

Step 5: UV Treatment to kill bacteria When there is still any possibility left for bacteria, our experts carry out UV treatment to disinfect the tank completely.

Step 6: Water Jet and Surface Cleaning Again the water tank is cleaned on the inside and outside using water jet and surface cleaning by experts using the latest scientific method.

Step 7: Anti-bacterial Spray After doing so, the tank is cleansed using an anti-bacterial spray

Step 8: Filling the tank with freshwater Once the in and the outer surface of the tank is dried, it is once again filled with fresh water. Get your trouble sorted contact Solutions Naaka Water Tank Cleaner and vouch for a healthy life!

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