SEO Optimization Techniques

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SEO Optimization Techniques

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SEO Service Delhi- Why website speed becomes slow- Whenever we insert so many javascript and heavy images on our website then our website becomes slow. So to avoid this all we need to reduce our image sizes and lesser use of javascript on our website.


SEO Service Delhi- For the ranking of any website, we need to optimize our title. As much as our title is optimized that much it is beneficial for our site ranking
How to make optimized and attractive titles
The length of meta title characters should not be more than 70. Try to implement your main keyword into your title. Don’t use same keywords in all titles as it is considered spam by Google.
• Seo agency|Seo agency in Delhi |Seo agency packages |-Good title
• Seo agency| Seo agencies |Best Seo agencies |-Bad title

Meta description

A Meta description is the short description or idea of what is the topic of our website.
How to make perfectly optimized meta description
The Meta description should be less than 160 characters because google doesn’t crawl more than this. Use of more synonyms and main keyword once is very beneficial.
• Seo agency – We are offering best SEO packages in Delhi. – Good description
• Seo agency- Best SEO agency, SEO agency, Best SEO agency in Delhi- Bad description

Keyword Density

Keyword density should not be more than 5% if it is more than that it is considered spam by Google.

 Image alt tag

Many people don’t know that Google can’t read images. Google needs alt tag to crawl|read images.

Url structure

Url structure is also the biggest factor. It lets Google know exactly what your website topic is by viewing your URL.

Internal Links

We should make some internal links to our website similar topics or relevant topics. But don’t use more than 5 links as the reader may get confused.

Enable Gzip compression

Enabling Gzip compression lets our site makes our site more lightweight. It compresses our site HTML, javascript, and CSS. Doing this makes our site google speed friendly.

H1 Tags

We should bold our keywords which we want to be ranked. Bold means that we are paying attention towards it. It makes google understand that what is your targeted keywords.

Website structure

We should keep in mind that site should be user-friendly and mobile friendly because if our site is not user-friendly then people may run away from our site which may lead to site bouncing.

Responsive website

A Responsive website means that our website should look similar on every device. It should fit itself according to any device width and length.

Post title

As much as long as the content it is that much beneficial. Content should be more informative. Try to put the minimum of 1000 words in your article or post.

Long tail keywords

When we come to the keyword, long tail keywords always have high yields compared to single or double word keywords. Also, the competition is very small but it can rank very soon for long-term words.

LSI Keywords

LSI is not just a key semantic indexing keyword. They are keywords that are not necessarily synonymous with your keywords, but meaningfully meaningful.
Text formats


The bold option is used when you want to highlight the keywords/sentences of your content. Make sure you use this option wisely because the words that are quickly bold than simple words attract the viewer’s attention.


If there are important keywords in your answer, if you want users to see, you can use the italic option to make a special word/sentence so that it makes it easier for them to do so.


If there are a few key points in the blog to highlight, we use annotations and identify them to ensure that they care more. These are called blockquotes.

Order list

Ordered list lists when there are points in your content. There are many options to customize the numbered list.

Unordered List

SEO Service Delhi- Unordered lists when using bullets instead of numbers for your content. Bullets can also be fixed.
20. H1, H2, H3
‘H’ stands for heading in H1, H2, and H3. Each blog/post can be given three headings. The first title or title of the blog is automatically assigned to H1. You can use H2 for the side-headers of your post. And for H3 subtitles, if any, post. Make sure you use all three types for better liability.

Image Optimization

Image file name
Change the name of the image to be uploaded on a blog with no spaces. That is, make sure you use the hyphens instead of giving the space for the image’s name.

Image Alt Tags

SEO Service Delhi- There are times when the internet connection is slow and the image does not load. Alt tags are given in the unloaded image, instead of the picture, we can see the particular image. Text al tag is replaced by a slow Internet connection.

Image title tags

SEO Service Delhi- When you hover your mouse pointer over the image, there are image header tags, you will see some words pop up. It is convenient to make these words easier for people to understand.

Image title

Image title is a description of the image below to understand how easy it is for viewers.

Optimized image


Optimize image so that page loads are easily available. We have several images optimized tools online. Use it and complete it.

Image file types

SEO Service Delhi- According to the EchoVME analysis, the .jpg images are SEO friendly than .png. If possible, try to keep all of your images in jpg format.

Image Dimension

SEO Service Delhi- We can only call the level of image SEO. Whenever you add a picture of a blog post or article, tell us about the exact dimensions of the images. Image scaling helps to increase website speed and helps better SEO ranking.


URL Structure (All Lower Case, – Separator)
The URL structure is under the heading of the blog. You can edit the title of the blog because the URL is too long and the URL is too long. All characters in the URL must be smaller. In addition, spaces should use the hyphens to separate words in the URL instead of spaces.

Internal links

SEO Service Delhi- When you select specific words of a word or word and connect them to some other relevant blogs on your own website, they are called internal links.

External links

SEO Service Delhi- The highlighted words on your blog are called external links if you connect them to some other websites, and if you connect them to a blog outside of your website.
Social Meta Tags

OG title

Once we share the article/blog it will appear on social media platforms. You have 95 characters to work here.

OG Description

This is the text that appears at the bottom of the title after you share it on social media. You have 297 characters to make it happen.

OG image

This is the image that appears on the social media post. Dimensions 1200 * 628.

Type OG

This is the type of object of your item. It is usually a blog, a website or an article for your purposes, but if you want to get a full list of fancy facebook. Format:


SEO Service Delhi- This is just the URL of the page (or border). If you have duplicate content issues to make sure that the margin’s value on Facebook is integrated into a URL.

Twitter Card Type

This is the kind of card. Summary of your options, photo or player. If it is not specified, Twitter will default to “Summary”.

Twitter Title

This is the title of the content to be shared, it must be limited to 70 characters, Twitter will be cut off the keywords, go for headlines instead.Twitter Description

It is a description of the content to be shared and it should be limited to 200 characters, and then Twitter will be cut off. Again, go for the cheery text, you have a better chance here than the actual tweet. Format:

Twitter Image
This is a picture display on a Twitter card and is smaller than 60 × 60 pixels.

Site Navigation & breadcrumbs

SEO Service Delhi- Breadcrumbs are just navigational links place above the body of the web page. Sensitive presence of site navigation or breadcrumbs allows visitors to quickly mark the homepage’s links or the parent category of the current page. Try adding some LSI keywords in the bread.

HTML Sitemap

SEO Service Delhi- HTML Sitemap is one of the smallest factors for Many experts call it a human-friendly or user-friendly sitemap. We can provide a list of web pages that are easily indexed by the search engine crawler.This is not a priority format use for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

XML sitemap

An XML sitemap is an area where we design your site’s structures. We can call search engine friendly sitemap. If you happen to visit an XML sitemap, you will see a set of signals. If you have a crawl problem on your website or blog, it is best to go with XML sitemap.

The sitemap file is limited to 50MB (uncompressed), containing up to 50,000 URLs. If you have more than 50K URLs, you may have more than one sitemaps and you can break the links.