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Hospital Reputation Management Services

Hospital Reputation Management · Removal of Negative Results · Boosting Positive Website

Hospital Reputation Management · Removal of Negative Results · Boosting Positive Website.Hospital reputation management is not just about improving or getting more reviews or a higher average online star rating


Reputation Management for Hospitals

The successful functioning of hospitals requires dedicated team members. Even though you have a professional team, chances are high that you might encounter the situations while your reputation is at stake due to some known or unknown reasons. It is here that you seek timely and effective hospital reputation management solutions to counter such situations effectively.

We are a professional reputation management company for hospitals, hotels, and other business ventures. To know how to find out the unpleasant reviews and feedback, and how to counter them, you should contact our professionals. Our list of clients includes a number of hospitals, clinics, individual practitioners, and healthcare organizations.

Hospital Reputation Repair & Management Services

The healthcare industry is a booming business today. With the revolution in the Internet marketing sector, your hospital needs to have positive online reviews in order to remain ahead of your competitors and to seek the attention of new patients who can approach you with reason. Now it has become a trend to check the previous customer reviews or their testimonials before choosing a healthcare service provider.

Hospital Reputation Management Company

While managing healthcare reputation projects of our clients from different parts of the world, SEO Content India envisions possibilities that can attract new patients to general practitioners (GP) or hospitals. Our Physician or Surgery Reputation Management Services come with customized content strategies being developed by experienced healthcare SEO professionals to support your quick high ranking.


Being a reputed and well-known online reputation management firm, we not only take care of the online image & reputation of hospitals and healthcare centers but also focus on the complete care of dentists, surgeons, general practitioners, and all medical professionals & businesses pertaining to the industry by providing genuine information. Our guaranteed solutions to fix the bad reputations of several healthcare businesses have helped us greatly to retain the existing as well as a number of new customers.

Our ORM Team Helps You in the Following:

  • Speedy recovery from negative reviews
  • Take bad reviews out of the search
  • Effective reputation damage repairs
  • Track and monitor various reviews

We have a team of expert healthcare ORM service providers to analyze statistics and monitor user reviews to ensure your business gets a search presence to remove the negative effects of a bad online review.

How to Counteract Negative and Reputation Damaging Reviews?

Our hospital ORM experts have designed focused and well-planned clinic/hospital reputation management strategies to counteract negative reviews or bad feedbacks in no time. We help our clients take their negative feedbacks back to page 2 or 3 of the Google search result. In addition, we also strategically respond to any negative content by keeping into consideration your reputation.

Benefits of Approaching Hospital & Healthcare Reputation Management Companies

Hospital Reputation Management Services

There are many benefits to searching for healthcare & hospital reputation management companies. Hire a company to manage your online reputation to suppress the bad reviews, if any. You can also hire a dedicated resource to work for you in your terms & conditions. Trained healthcare ORM service providers would report to you directly. That will not only save you from the hurdles of hiring trained persons, manage seats at your facility and payroll services, but also help to save your hard-earned money.

Healthcare Organizations with a Negative Brand Image

Healthcare organizations with a negative brand image contact us to either delete the negative reviews and posts or push them down from the searches. Our professionals are armed with the latest hospital reputation management tools and software to find out negative reviews and counter them.

Our social media and hospitality reputation management services help our customers stand out in the crowd. We have different teams to work in compliance with the requirement of our customers.

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Are you running a hospital? If yes, then it should be part and parcel of your job to monitor online presence & feedback on your hospital for awareness about it. Irritating customers or competitors might possibly write negative reviews about you online. That would not only prove frustrating but also mar your business. We offer reputation management services for hospitals, hotels, and many more.

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Our team will help you improve your online presence besides you getting rid of negative reviews at the right juncture. Our hotel reputation managers are just a call or an email away, so get your queries resolved now.


Hospital Reputation Management Services

Binary Fountain’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Aaron Clifford, was recently a featured guest on Medicom Health’s webinar, “Hospital Reputation Management Made Easy.”

In this presentation, Aaron explained to audiences why hospital reputation management is a critical, if not overwhelming, task and offered strategies for guaranteed management success.

Hospital Reputation Management Services

Hospital Reputation Management Services

Consumerism in Healthcare

One point that Aaron put an early emphasis on was the growth of “consumerism” in the healthcare space.

“‘Consumerism’ is no longer a buzzword in healthcare–it is the reality,” he said. “Consumers are researching and comparing products and services by things like prices and reviews, including their healthcare providers.”

Additionally, he pointed out that 68% of health-related searches now begin on mobile devices and 77% of patients search online for doctors before making an appointment. These statistics show that having a solid online reputation is key to continued growth, particularly on mobile.

Creating a Hospital Reputation Management Strategy

Aaron then laid down 4 steps hospitals and other healthcare providers need to take to build the groundwork for a reputation management strategy:

  • Own your online presence–find all potential places your hospital could be listed, take ownership, and update and relevant information
  • Monitor all mentions and reviews–set up automated alerts to track comments whenever they are posted
  • Respond to feedback–whether comments are positive or negative, make responding to patients a priority, comply with HIPPA guidelines and keep it professional
  • Generate reviews–don’t bait patients into providing just positive comments, as feedback of all kinds help you grow the most

Beyond Third-Party Reviews

Lastly, Aaron talked about how centering hospital reputation management around transparency can significantly boost brand sentiment and patient loyalty. His three specific goals of transparency were:

  • Manage online presence to ensure facilities are better represented online
  • Publish existing survey data, like CAHPS, to gain consumer trust
  • Influence consumer choice by driving traffic to your site over third-party review sites

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